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Kindling Collective is located in what is now known as Portland, Maine. The land that we are on is stolen Wabanaki Confederacy territory. The Wabanaki (People of Dawnland) Confederacy is made up of members of the Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Maliseet, Abenaki and Micmac tribes. We are able to live and recreate in Maine’s woods and waters because of the past 11,000 years of Wabanaki stewardship. Kindling Collective is deeply grateful for the thousands of years of Indigenous land stewardship, knowledge and relationship, past, present, and future. 


Maine’s outdoor resources and cities are shaped by historical and contemporary colonial land theft, genocide, and violence against Wabanaki people. We are committed to disrupting capitalism and reducing the cycle of excess, extraction, and waste that is currently part of the outdoor gear economy. We recognize and deeply respect the spiritual and reciprocal relationship between Indigenous peoples and the land. We are committed to acting in right relationship with the land and its peoples.

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