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Keep reading to learn more about the gear library and how to join as a member-borrower.

Kindling Collective membership includes:

  • Unlimited gear loans for up to 7 days (up to an additional week upon request).

  • Free access to open trip planning hours.

  • Advice, tips, and guidance from our staff and volunteers.

  • Invitations to member appreciation and community events.

  • A welcoming and inclusive community.

  • Investment in maintaining our programs, gear, and space for all.

  • Access to additional gear and equipment supplied by Maine GearShare through interlibrary loans.

  • 25% off monthly membership at Portland Yoga Collective

  • 15% off room reservations at the CoHo Hostel in Conway, NH nestled in the Whites!

Membership Options:

All membership levels come with the same benefits.

*You define what family means to you—biological, adopted, chosen—your definition of family is our definition of family.

Membership Philosophy

Kindling Collective’s gear library is a shared resource.  We invite and expect people with access to more resources to pay more so those with less access can pay less, creating more sustainable and equitable relationships to our shared resource. We offer a tiered pricing model as a tool for building economic justice.  This pricing model requires your active participation—if implemented effectively, everyone pays a similar percentage of their income and/or wealth for the same products or services.

If you are descended from enslaved people and/or are Indigenous, you qualify for a Reparations Membership. For a free membership, select the “Reparations Membership” option when creating your account. 

If you are struggling to identify which pricing tier is right for you, check out the Green Bottle graphic by Alexis J. Cunningfolk for guidance. The left hand bottle corresponds with our pink tier; the middle bottle is orange; and the right bottle is our yellow tier. If our pricing is a barrier for you, send us an email at We will never turn away a member for the inability to pay.

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